ABC’s John Berman: Blinded by bias (and/or no sense of humor)

As a political reporter for a mainstream media network, John Berman is presumably a liberal.  His blog post today corroborates our speculation:  he has no sense of humor, and apparently holds a seething bias against Rick Santorum by looking for a gaffe when there wasn’t one.  Or maybe he’s just dense.

In what he characterizes as “Santorum’s Football Fumble,” he reports the following:

Rick Santorum sprinted into Akron, Ohio this week before checking the playbook.  A few miles from the Cleveland Brown’s home turf, Santorum attempted to start a pep rally for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  His revelry call, ‘Is this Steelers country?’ was met with boos from the crowd. One of the first rules of campaigning…know where you are.

Uh, John, he was teasing the crowd, as you can obviously see by his facial expression in the video you link.  Santorum is from Pennsylvania, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, arch-rival to the Browns.  He was making a joke, and a pretty good one at that.


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