Is government an “institution that made this country great”?

A pathetic example of how President Obama might have carried the football over the proverbial goal line in the left’s efforts to transform our society into a government-centered one.  Government is the cause of all ills and the solution to all woes.

The subject of this National Journal article entered into a mortgage (with no money down) that he couldn’t afford and has lost his home.  Now he is blaming Gov. Daniels (Ind.) for “squeeze[ing] him out,” the Obama administration for failing to modify his mortgage, and his local city government for an (admittedly ridiculous) fine.  He also blames the state government (who employed his wife) and his former employer for laying him off.

Nowhere does he express any personal responsibility for his plight.  “I live in a trailer now because of a mortgage company and an incompetent government.”  No, you live in a trailer because you could not meet your financial obligations in the free market.  Of course one feels sorry for a man in this situation, but what happened to the American way of overcoming adversity, getting a job, and pulling yourself back up?

We wouldn’t expect much different from Ron Fournier, but let’s hope that this case study that he dug up doesn’t reflect the typical mentality of a down-on-his-luck man in the heartland, or else this country is truly doomed.


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