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Never pass up the chance to be a victim

Another example of comical TSA incompetence.  Nothing new there, though this story seems to have had a happy ending, or should have.  A couple was initially told that their 18-month-old baby was on the “no fly list.”  After a mix-up and, no doubt, some less-than-cordial treatment, “Eventually, the couple were given their boarding passes back.”

Any normal traveler would leave in a huff, get on the plane, and resume her planned vacation.  No harm, no foul.  But, in this case, “The family decided to leave the airport rather than return to the flight.”  That’s the end of the article.

Might there be more going on here?  The family, including a mother in a hijab, will no doubt sic both the “civil rights” police and their tort lawyer on the airline, airport, and TSA.  The fact that this story was in the newspaper in the first place is the first clue.  Heaven forbid someone should just get on with her life if she has the opportunity to play the victim.


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Thank heavens we have politicians to help us judge whether someone is a capable business executive

So a U.K. parliamentary committee—comprised, no doubt, of hacks who have never worked in the private sector in their lives—has determined that “Rupert Murdoch was not fit to run a major international company, which had shown ‘huge failings’ of corporate governance, and it raised questions about James Murdoch’s competence,” according to Reuters.

Let the committee investigate political issues, but they have no right to pass judgment about the qualifications of a private-sector executive—let alone one who has built a multi-billion dollar corporation.

This reminds us of Congressional hearings back in the late ‘90s about the proposed merger (ultimately scuttled) between US Airways and United.  Each member of a Congressional committee took preening turns offering his insight and analysis into the business sense of the merger.  After all, members of Congress travel a lot, so they are obviously experts on how to run an airline.

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