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No skepticism from media on Ku Klux Klan “recruitment drive”

The Telegraph (U.K.) reports almost gleefully, “Ku Klux Klan on new recruitment drive with leaflet drop in towns across America.”

The article cites the usual unassailable MSM logic:

  • “hatred of Obama and immigration fuels rise in white supremacy”
  • “membership numbers grow due to opposition to Barack Obama and increased immigration”
  • “The white supremacy group, which aims to oust Mr Obama”
  • “the Ku Klux Klan is enjoying a resurgence”

The article does not substantiate any of this “information” with evidence, aside from a helpful primer on KKK beliefs from “one website” (unnamed) and a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The report, according to the Telegraph, fingers a rise in the number of “right-wing, self-styled patriot groups . . . [and] specific hate groups.”  (Even if this is true, and even accepting the scurrilous linkage of the KKK to “self-styled patriot groups,” it makes one wonder why the KKK would have to spend resources recruiting—if, after all, such hate is apparently growing organically.)

Hmm.  No claim of responsibility from the KKK.  No quote from any KKK leader to verify that the group is actually dropping leaflets in red jurisdictions.  No proof whatsoever of the article’s opening that “The Ku Klux Klan is on a recruitment drive across America.”  No citation of any official KKK source—the reporter apparently didn’t even bother to call one of the phone numbers or link to one of the web addresses that he claimed were printed on the leaflets.  (Maybe doing so would subject one to prosecution in the U.K.)

Assuming that this article is not an April Fool’s joke, here are some alternative theories:  the leaflets were produced by mischievous lone wolves, or benign KKK wannabes.  Or maybe this is a false flag operation, yet another hoax from the race-baiting ethnic lobby to stir up the base?  Which is more of a trend in Obama’s America:  hate-crime hoaxes perpetrated by the left, or actual incidents of racial violence and intimidation?



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