AP refers to the “higher cost of health care” in passing

The debate about whether Americans will pay more for health care under Obamacare continues in the program’s early days, with the usual liberal chorus claiming that costs will not increase significantly—economic logic, facts, and everyone else’s observations to the contrary.

The Obama Administration yesterday released a study indicating that people covered under the program would indeed generally see their premiums increase in 2015.  (It seems nearly moot yet journalistically necessary here to remind ourselves that Obamacare’s main premise was that it would lower health-care costs.)

Meanwhile yesterday, an Associated Press story, “These Retailers Could Use Some Holiday Cheer,” probably unwittingly characterized the status quo with the following sentence:  “Stores face cautious shoppers who are juggling stagnant wages and higher costs for food and health care.”

Therefore it’s amusing that a reference to the “higher costs for . . . health care” becomes a throwaway line in a humdrum article by AP, that most conventional (and left-leaning) mainstream news source.  Perhaps higher costs for health care will now join turmoil in the Middle East or partisan gridlock in Washington in the journalistic lexicon as one of those mundane default conditions that don’t even need explaining.

If the White House saw the article, they would be advised to get out in front of this as they do so well.



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