Vice President Biden’s hail Mary might work yet

Perhaps Vice President Biden is among us who are hoping for Hillary Clinton to be indicted over her mishandling of classified e-mails while she was Secretary of State.  With the latest revelation that Secretary Clinton instructed Jake Sullivan to delete the classified markings on a document and send it over an unsecured communications medium, we might get our wish.  Such brazen and reckless conduct would condemn anyone else to criminal punishment.

Meanwhile, Biden is reminding everyone, I’m still here!

When he decided not to run for president, he probably figured that he had a small—much less than 50%—chance of defeating Clinton in the primary.  Maybe he figured, if Clinton gets indicted, then I can enter the race as “elder statesman/savior who has been coaxed into service out of necessity” rather than “also-ran who has been getting trounced in the primary but is the last viable man standing.”  He can keep the non-candidate glow aflame until it’s too late.

It may yet work out for him.  Though he might do better to cue Maureen Dowd to prepare a column about how reluctant he is in carrying this burden instead of seeming too eager.  Then again, we are not qualified to question Biden’s political savvy.





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